Technology Aids in the Renaissance in Out-of-Home Advertising | OOH leaders in India

Out-of-Home Advertising | OOH leaders in India

One can see that there stands a billboard along the highway towards the west of Chicago equals the smartness contained by any online advertisement. Drivers and passengers travelling in cars such as a Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata or Ford Fusion might also get the feeling that they are being viewed, by either eyes belonging to animate objects, or the absurd eyes belonging to inanimate objects, they would be sensing it, correct.

On being questioned as to why such huge billboards are being placed all over the roads, probably even frightening and otherwise striking fellow passersby of any sort, one OOH media entrepreneur says that..

OOH leaders in India Location based advertising

“Their branding is to ‘Find New Roads’ and they really challenged us to find new roads with out-of-home and push the envelope.” Helma Larkin, CEO of Dentsu Aegis-owned Posterscope USA, which created the effort in partnership with outdoor ad company Lamar Advertising as well as Carat and Commonwealth McCann,was noted commenting.

This in venture, is also spreading out in Dallas and New Jersey. And this exemplifies merely one way to prove that technology is indeed aiding a renaissance in out-of-home advertising. Consumers and advertisers are linking online data to digital billboards, producing advertisements that reduce the gap between the digital and real world. Audience-measurement methods that rely on mobile devices are giving brands a better grasp on what types of people encounter their signs on a daily basis. Therefore, out-of-home advertising is shaping a very steady stream of marketing dollars while other forms of traditional advertising lose ground to digital. It is a known fact that consumers are encountering more signs and out-of-home video, as online ads and TV commercials are now more avoidable.

Out-of-home advertising exclusively was the only traditional media business to grow last year, Magna Global disclosed in its ad revenue forecast last December. Saying, “the superior yield brought in by digital panels as well as better measurement and trading metrics allowing OOH and cinema to tap into branding budgets and TV budgets.”

Expenditure on out-of-home ads in the U.S. grew to $7.3 billion last year from $7 billion in 2014, according to the forecast, which groups cinema and outdoor advertising together. However, this sector even now accounts for only a modest share of total ad spending, 4.3%, compared with 35.3% for digital. Contrastingly, the share for newspaper print ad spending is expected to decline to 4.2% in 2019 from 8.4% today while magazine ad pages drop to 5.3% from 9.2%, according to OOH media firm Magna Global.

OOH leaders in India Location based advertising

Marketers are increasingly and magnetically drawn towards outdoor partly to link it with their mobile marketing. You should see no further than the streets of New York City, where brands are taking advantage of new digital signs appearing via the city’s LinkNYC program, to approve of this fact. This initiative aims to eventually replace more than 7,500 pay phones with free Wi-Fi kiosks.

And then, Malibu surely hopes the ads are not so quickly erased from the minds of passing passengers.

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